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Posted on: March 26, 2008 6:10 pm


Any Purdue fan would say they were proud of the effort and play of such a young team this year.  In most of the preseason polls, Purdue was predicted to finish 5th or 6th.  Heck, Digger probably had them finishing 10th or 11th.  Yes they came up a little short against a very good Xavier team that should finish off West Virginia, but to just reach the NCAA tournament, finish second in the big ten, and advance one more round then an Indiana team that had more talent (o.k. maybe they did give up) is extremely special.  This program is making great strides to be back to where they were in the late 80's and 90's.  Of course I'm too young to remember those glorious days, Purdue has the coaching and talent that will bring you a long ways. 

Look at it this way.  Every player that will be on Purdue's roster this year and next  will stay all four years.  If Gordon stays four years, then I believe the moon is scheduled to fall from space and hit the planet at 9:00 tonight (you pick the time zone).  As that very good Xavier team showed us on Saturday, senior players that are strong and have smarts will go a long way.  When Kramer and Grant are seniors, and the "Freshman Fab Four" are juniors, Grant and Kramer will be playing in their 4th tourney while the other four will be playing in their 3rd.  That's experience.  That's mental toughness.

Also, congrats to Associate Head Coach Conzo Martin for becoming the new head coach at Missouri State.  I wish him luck in his future endeavors and he will be greatly missed roaming the sidelines of Mackey come this fall.

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Posted on: March 21, 2008 10:55 pm

ESPN Hates Us

Why don't they give Purdue any air time.  No highlights, nothing.  Of course Digger is an idiot and will always hate Purdue, but that isn't all.  Gottlib had us getting blown away by Baylor's athleticism but Purdue showed the country that wasn't at all the case.  We are a good team and ESPN needs to recognize that.  Purdue will be in the top 25 for the next number of years.  Heck, (I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself)they might even get a two or one seed next year or the year after.  At least Parrish likes us. :)

On a side note, Xavier is one heck of a team.  They are an amazing group that could go a long ways.  But there are questions to this ballclub.  Are they slipping after losing to St. Joe in the A-10 tourney and struggling against Georgia.  I remember Lavender against Purdue in Oklahoma the year Purdue lost Chris Booker.  He played amazing and even hit the game winning shot with a few seconds left.  Despite his size, he is one heck of a player.  If Kramer can shut him down and the supporting cast can hit some shots and play some hard "in your face" defense, I believe we will win.

Prediction: Purdue 68     Xavier 64

(P.S.) I think Indiana might be calling it a season (down by 7 at half).

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