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Posted on: October 13, 2008 8:02 pm

Putting Football Aside, Basketball Look for Title

Maybe one Painter can't do crap this season, but Matt Painter's Boilers might not be termed the baby boilers this year.  Halloween night is just  18 short days away and midnight madness is this weekend.  But with the smell of burning leaves apon us, Purdue and Big Ten fans alike have one question about this team:  How good is this team?

Looking at last years squad that exceeded expectations by an overwelming amount wasn't supposed to win.  How many times have you seen a team exceed expectations the previous year, only to miss the tournament the next year and dissapoint many?  Just take a look at Clemson football who basically canned Bowden earlier today.  He was 3-3 but supposed to win the ACC.  Is this what is going to happen to the Boilers?

Taking into account the way Painter runs the show and the work ethic that has developed among the players, I wouldn't count on being disapointed.  Also, Purdue lost one player last year in Terrence Crump.  Although he hasn't steped out on to the court yet in front of 10,000 plus, it sounds like Lewis Jackson has more talent that Crump.  And just look at what a year of expierence does to a ball club.  If you journey back to that Xavier-Purdue second round game, that is all the proof you need.

Yes, the schedule is tougher than last year.  Yes, there will be more presure.  Yes, there will be new players to insert into the offense and defense.  But this team with its strong inner core will be what they were supposed to be this year.  Don't count on an elite eight of a final four, but don't count it out either.  Michigan State will be a test.  Hell, the whole big ten is a test, even Indiana or Northwestern.  Anyone can win on anygiven night.  One thing is certain though... the boilers will be out there on October 31st, ready for a new season and a chance at the ultimate goal.



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