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Big Ten Power Rankings (as of 1-14)

Posted on: January 14, 2009 5:44 pm

After roughly two or so weeks of Big Ten play, here is my take on the league:

1. Michigan State (3-0)- Playing better than any team in the big ten.  They look like the best team by far right now.  But can they hold it together until march?

2. Minnesota (3-1)- Only loss was to conference leader Michigan State by 12 points.  This team is on a three game winning streak and they look to contend.

3. Purdue (1-2)- Ok so they are in third place right?  Not deserving of third right?  Wrong!  This team lost those two games to Illinois and Penn State due to not having Robbie Hummel and Chris Krammer.  And then when both players were healthy in the Wisconsin game they played 40 minutes of good basketball.  That's why they are #3.

4. Illinois (2-1)- The win at Purdue was special but this team can flat out play.  They are physical on the glass and play with a passion that few teams can match.  Their only loss @ Michigan proves that they have some progress to make up but I guarantee that they will be in the talks come March.

5. Wisconsin (3-1)- Their win @ Michigan was special but after the Purdue game, I came away far from impressed.  Marcus Landry can play and has developed into a scorer and Krabbenhoft is as physical as they come but the team chemistry isn't quite there yet in my opinion. 

6. Michigan (3-1)- There isn't one big ten team that I am going to put in the top five that cant beat IU in regulation.  One might infer that this team comes to play some nights and not the next.  This can't happen in the Big Ten, even against IU.  But they did beat Illinois and their only loss is to Wisconsin.  This is the team I have to question the most.

7. Ohio State (2-2)- This is a team, I feel, that has a long way to go.  Right now, they are going to the NIT.  They have troubles scoring and last time I checked Thad Matta didn't specialize in defense.  Therefore, this team that lost by 24 to WV needs to find its voice.

8. Penn State (2-2)-  This team will shock everybody.  They already shocked the Boilers, even without B10 Preseason POY Robbie Hummel and Chris Kramer, and played great at Wisconsin, a place few teams win at.  But is this team ready to battle for the title?  Tonights game agianst Michigan State might give us that answer but even at 2-2, I dont see them as a contender.

9. Northwestern (0-3)- Northwestern is 0-3 because of their record, not because of their play.  We know they got blown out by Wisconsin but their quality games vs Michigan State and @ Penn State give them hope.  And they are better than Iowa because of...

10. Iowa (1-2)- Their play against IU was just terrible.  You can't give a team full of walk-ons a chance to win the game down the stretch at home!  Especially a team that beat Chamanade by gasp! 2 points!  What gives them hope is a close loss at Ohio State, a close loss against Minnesota, and a decent game against Michigan.  And I wouldn't dream of them being behind IU.

11. Indiana University (0-3)- Enough said, they suck.  They play hard but lack horizon league talent.  Good Luck in 09-10!

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